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Ceres: more than 50 years the German exporting company

Germany offers outstanding opportunities for the purchase of breeding cattle of any breed. Dynamic black and white or red and white Holstein Friesians stand alongside with the two dual purpose breeds, Fleckvieh/Simmental and the world famous Braunvieh.

In a large country like Germany our customers who are interested in breeding cattle will experience the fields of the North with the high density of cattle, the progressive East with herds of 200 to 2000 cows per farm, and the rich farms in the South.

Our customers orientate themselves in the whole of Europe. Germany enjoys a preferred position, thanks to its high productive dairy breeding cattle. We are approaching a yield of 8000 litres in 305 days, with our Holstein breeding cattle.

The organisation of the selection of our breeding cattle for export has not been matched globally. A computer program which details milk yield, quality Genetics, weight and conformation, is used to satisfy the demands of our customers. The time of breeding and  the date of birth of each animal are reliably recorded on each farm. The execution of an export delivery is strictly controlled. We can already deliver within several days! These controls  and the size of our cattle population secure the highest possible quality, which you as our customer deserve.

Ceres can advise you with a well trained team of personnel, speaking several languages, during the selection of breeding cattle. Ceres assures, that the heifers selected by you, will be delivered carefully - with all the necessary veterinary and custom documents - by truck, boat or airplane to your farm.

Ceres offers an extensive after sales service, in every possible country. Ceres can prepare feasibility studies on dairy farms of all sizes,  including proposals for technical improvement. The German organisation Ceres analyses the milk processing from (raw) milk to city milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese or cheese from the udder to the consumer, as a turnkey project.

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